Amendments to city zoning ordinace get first reading

Quincy City Council meeting

The Quincy City Council heard a first reading to some amendments to the city's zoning ordinance on Monday night.

About a dozen changes are a part of the amendment including issues dealing with the maximum number of signs allowed on a property, backlit signs, campaign signs and swimming pools.

It also includes a change in parking in the downtown industrial district which will allow parking in front of new buildings.

Another issue addresses where you can have a swimming pool on your property and the placement of garages and fences on small lots in the city.

City Planner Chuck Bevelheimer says that many of these changes are based on concerns of business and property owners.

"What we try to do every year is put together a list of changes that we recommend to the zoning code to make it more flexible and address the points and concerns we have," Bevelheimer said.

More changes to those amendments are still possible before a final vote by the City Council.

Before the city council meeting Mayor Kyle Moore accepted on behalf of city the MidSummer Arts Faire's best of show-winning painting.

Quincy mixed-media artist David Brown created the painting titled, " Poetic Muse." ( see photo #2 above)

The artwork was chosen as the best out the 57 artists who participated in the event.