Amended budget passed by Quincy Council

After much debate, the Quincy City Council passed its new budget Monday night.

Alderman Paul Havermale proposed two amendments to the budget that eventually were approved.

The first amendment takes the GREDF funding back down to last year's budget level of $50,000 instead of the proposed $67,500.

"I think that GREDF has made some excellent strides in communication and I believe that probably over the next few years we will get that funding back up there. But I didn't think this was the right time to leave that in there when the council spoke pretty firmly that that's what they wanted to do last year," Havermale said.

The amendment also includes the stipulation that if the county raises its GREDF funding, the city would match it up to the $17,500 that was cut.

The second amendment involved the reduction of direct non-profit subsidies to selected non-profit agencies.

Last year an agreement was reached to cut 20 percent each year until those subsidies are zeroed out.

This would give those agencies time to find alternative funding sources instead of putting the city in the business of supporting 8 to 10 select organizations.

"I think that's not a place for government to be doing. And I think the citizens are more that able to decide what charities deserve their funding directly," Havermale said.

A third amendment to cut some funding from the police and fire department was proposed by Alderman Mike Rein.

After discussion with chiefs of the police and fire departments, Rein withdrew that proposal.