Amateur chefs go for the gold

The winning dishes

It's important that you support your community, especially when it comes to what you eat.

Saturday morning, the Quincy Downtown Farmer's Market held it's 9th annual Food Fest.

This event includes a number of different activities ... one of which being an amateur chef's competition.

Year after year, the goal of the Amateur Chef's competition is to show you the amazing dishes that can come out of what is grown locally.

"We want to promote the local farmers around this area, and we want to promote why it's good to buy vegetable around this area. You don't get all those preservatives and stuff like that. Everything is natural and organic," Farmer's Market Manager Flossie Ellyson said.

Four teams were entered in the competition.

Each team had 45 minutes to put together a dish that looked good, tasted good, and was made mostly from items purchased at the farmer's market.

People walking around food fest were sucked into the competition, even if they weren't competing.

Laura and Justin Sievert won the chef's competition.

Their dish included a roasted pepper soup, a pasta made from zucchini, and an "adult" peach tea to drink.

Other activities at food fest included a Biggest Tomato Competition and baking competition among others.

Thirty-one vendors attended the Farmer's Market on Saturday, making it the year's biggest one.

If you want to find the recipes used in today's meals, you can go to