Alleged attempted sexual assault involving QHS sports team

UPDATED: Sept. 12 at 9:30 a.m.

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The Adams County States Attorney is filing charges against the Quincy Junior High students involved in the recent hazing incident at Flinn Stadium.

Jon Barnard says after studying the evidence, the students involved will be charged with assault in the county's juvenile court.

The names of the accused won't be released because they are under the age of 17.


UPDATED: Sept. 12 at 9:30a.m.

KHQA has learned the students associated with the alleged hazing incident have been suspended from school since the end of the day Wednesday.

Superintendent Lonny Lemon also says in a release the students have been suspended from the football team, too.

The release goes on to say "Additional discipline proceedings against those students are in process."


UPDATED: Sept. 1 at 7 p.m. The Quincy Police Department has identified two additional victims in the alleged hazing incident last week.

According to a news release from the department, the original complaint of a "sexual assault" involved one victim and three suspects.QPD says the primary aggressor in the original hazing incident is the suspect in the other cases as well.QPD has forwarded the information to the state's attorney's office.

---------------An alleged hazing type incident involving juvenile student- athletes last week is now in the hands of the Adams County State's Attorney Office.

The Quincy Police Department has concluded its investigation.

KHQA's Rajah Maples spoke with the father of the victim about how his son is doing now.

The father said his son was pushed to the brink of suicide because he was bullied.

That's one of the big reasons the father decided to speak out to the media about his son's case.

We hid the father's identity in an effort to protect his son.The victim of last week's alleged hazing incident returned to class at the Quincy Junior High School on Wednesday.

He said, "He's doing better. He's doing a lot better. He fears going back that he won't be protected, and that is a strong fear, and we have to address that through therapy and through implemented things that is going to be put into place and be addressed by the school district.

Rajah asked, "what's your reaction to all of this?"

The father answered, "Unbelievable. I never thought it would ever happen. When you let your child go to school everyday that they're protected in school. The schools have put in measures with metal detectors to stop weapons from coming into school. They do locker searches. They've implemented several things to stop violence. But yet a little thing like this can slip through because of the lack of supervision."

The father told KHQA he stepped forward to stand up for his son and for everyone else who experiences bullying and harrassment at school. He said he would have never known that his incident happened until he noticed his son posting alarming posts on his personal Facebook page last Friday.

He then checked his son into a psychiatric facility where doctors discovered what had happened and told the father. The father told KHQA his son has trouble looking people in the eye when he talks about what happened.

He said, "You hear on the news all the time about instances where this child has walked into a school with a gun and started shooting fellow students or Columbine, just like that. If it wouldn't have been found out, what would be next? Where would it lead? What would happen to the next person? It's gotta be addressed. We've got stop this because it's hruting people, and as a parent, I plead with all the other parents to open their eyes and if there's a problem that they see with their kids, do something about it. Help them. Help stop acts like this."

The father told KHQA this situation brings back some very painful memories of his own.

He said, "A similarity happened when I was younger and I crawled into a shell and hid it, so all this happening to him brought out that shell again. I feel his pain, because I have that same pain, so it's very hard. I have to be strong, because I have to help him. I want everyone want everyone to know if there's something happening, if you even get..if you know ahead of time that something may happen, don't be afraid to go talk with someone.//Because if you keep quiet, they can't help you."Adams County State's Attorney Jon Barnard said he has no comment now, and will not be able to tell us when or even if the aggressor will be charged since it involves a juvenile.

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UPDATED: Sept. 1 at 1:55 p.m. The Quincy Police Department has concluded the investigation reference the alleged hazing type incident that involved juvenile student- athletes that was reported to the department last week. The case has been referred to the Adams County State's Attorney Office.


UPDATED: August 31 at 2:30 p.m.

Quincy Police Chief Rob Copley says his department is investigating what is now an alleged hazing incident involving members of a Quincy High School sports team.

Copely says he won't release details because the incident involves juveniles.

He did say it involves five student athletes who are all the same age and all the same gender.

Copley says investigators have identified one "primary aggressor".

Chief Rob Copley says, "It's very serious. Hazing, which is a form of bullying, is serious. I'm not trying to minimize the incident by calling it hazing. It's just putting it into perspective of what type of incident it is. It is serious when something like this happens."

Chief Copley says his investigators will hand over a report to the State's Attorney's office.

It'll be up to that office to decide if criminal charges will be filed.

He also says this is a good time for parents to make sure they have an open line of communication with their kids.

And it's a reminder to students to have an open line of communication with an adult.

Copley adds, "Don't be afraid to tell somebody. I know sometimes things are embarrassing, but you need to feel comfortable in telling your parent or an adult close to you what happened. Don't allow these things to happen."

Copley also reminds students if you witness some type of bullying or other inappropriate act, don't be a silent bystander, make sure you tell someone about it.


KHQA has learned about an alleged attempted sexual assault involving members of a sports team at Quincy High School.

KHQA has talked with a parent of one of the students involved who is pleading with other parents to talk with their kids about appropriate behavior.

Because the incident involves minors and alleged attempted sexual assault, KHQA will not release further details about the incident.

But we know that school officials are aware of the situation.Superintendent Lonny Lemon told KHQA that he couldn't discuss student disciplinary issues, but he says the school district has a situation going on right now.

KHQA also learned that the Quincy Police Department is aware of and involved with the incident.

KHQA takes our responsibility to protect names and ages of those involved, but we also feel strongly that bullying and harrassment are a problem in many schools today.