Air conditioners go down when the heat goes up

Keck Cooling and Heating fixing air conditioner at Quincy Art Center

The summer heat has finally caught up to us just this past week.

With temperatures hitting the 90s, most people rely on their air conditioner for a bit a relief.

But what happens when the heat goes up, and your cooling system goes down?

"It's been so hot, we had one of our units freeze up,â?? Julie Nelson, Executive Director at Quincy Art Center said.

The Quincy Art Center has been feeling the heat these past few days when their air conditioner suddenly stopped working.

Lucky for them, they were able to turn on some fans and close off rooms that were not being used, but Nelson said it still felt as if it were 80 degrees.

But the Art Center isn't the only one who is having trouble cooling down.

"Starting probably yesterday afternoon people really started noticing with the warmer temps, humidity starting to come up in the house that, we got problems again, we're back to the heavy loads on the house," Edward Scranton, a technician at Keck Cooling and Heating said.

Scranton says it is important to regularly check your cooling system to make sure it is working properly.

All you have to do is make sure you have a clean filter, see if the actual unit is running, and feel that it is blowing cool and not warm air, and you're good to go.

If you let the problem go unfixed, the consequences could be costly.

"It'll stress the system out, your utility bills will be high, I mean everybody nowadays is conscious about your utilities, if the systems are maintained, checked, clean, your utility bills will be lower, and hopefully chances are when it is one hundred degrees, you're not going to break down," Scranton said.