Afternoon Immunizations may be best

The time of day your baby is vaccinated could help improve their response to the vaccine.

A new study finds babies vaccinated after 1:30 p.m. slept more in the first 24 hours following their immunization, which is important to facilitate a healthy immune response and increase antibody production. Dr. Kim Giuliano is a pediatrician at Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital.

Dr. Kim Giuliano said, ""They found these babies were more likely to sleep a longer period of time if they were given their vaccine in the afternoon, as opposed to in the morning."

Researchers examined two areas that indicate vaccine response increased sleep duration and increased body temperature. They found sleep duration in the first 24 hours after an immunization increased for all infants, particularly if the immunizations were administered after 1:30 in the afternoon. Most infants also had the expected increase in body temperature.

And you may want to reconsider giving your child acetaminophen either before of after the vaccination.

Dr. Giuliano said, "It's certainly worth considering if your schedule allows to potentially try to schedule your baby's vaccines in the afternoon as opposed to the morning. It would be a good idea though, based off of this study and some others to consider holding off on the acetaminophen, in terms of preventing fevers and let the child amount their own response."

Complete findings for this study are in the journal "Pediatrics."