Admiral Coontz Recreation Center opens its doors to public on snow day

Kids playing in the Admiral Coontz Recreation Center

Several businesses decided to close Monday as a result of the frigid temperatures.

But in Hannibal, one facility, the Admiral Coontz Recreation Center, went against the grain and stayed open for both warmth and recreation.

It might be -7 outside, but the adults and kids visiting the center aren't paying mind to the frosty air.

In fact, some, like nine year-old Lydia Boland, might say it's extra warm inside the building.

"It's really warm in here, I took my coat off," Boland said.

The whole idea of having the center open is to provide the people of Hannibal a place to stretch their legs and warm up.

Mary Lynne Richards is with the Hannibal Parks and Recreation, and thinks it provides the people of Hannibal with a nice place for recreation.

"This is what great is that we're open today when nothing else is open. And we have a place for people to get up and get active. You can walk and visit with your friends, we have games and puzzles. So it's just a great place to get out during the day on these cold Winter days to get out and do something," said Richards.

Instead of being stuck inside, Boland thinks more kids should come and partake in the recreation center.

"Instead of just sitting inside, it's like you come and get active, and it's like more fun. There's not a lot of stuff to do in a house, but when you come here, you can play board games, play kickball and stuff like that, it's really fun," said Boland.

"That's our motto, get up and get active, even on these cold days. We have all these parks, but it's just too bitter cold for people to get out there," Richards said.

The center has basketball courts, a walking track, and a special needs room accessible for any child visiting.