Adding color to 'Calf Town'

Mural at 8th and Jefferson

One Quincy student is adding some color to the historical district.

Graphic design student Angelo Joseph and friends are painting a colorful mural on a building owned by photographer Lisa Wagota.

The mural at the corner of 8th and Jefferson in "Calf Town" has caught a lot of attention.

The mural portrays several local historical items such as a steam boat, the Mississippi River, President Abraham Lincoln, President John Quincy Adams, and Quincy's founder and first settler John Wood.

A scholarship student at QU, Angelo "A.J." Joseph, is using the mural to teach children as well as portray historical Calf Town.

Angelo has children help him paint to teach them about art and allow them to enjoy his artwork. Joseph's friends have also helped along the way.

There has been positive feedback as well as negative feedback, in which Joseph says is a good thing.

"I think that's just anytime you make public art. When you do anything public there are going to be all kinds of opinions and that's fine. That's good we are getting reactions, no matter what they are, but hopefully its for the positive. I am just putting positive imagery; happy things. I am trying to better the community with art," Joseph said.

KHQA's Ryan Delk spoke with Quincy City Planner Chuck Bevelheimer and he says the mural is considered a sign.

There are size limitations on signs in Quincy, and it must be approved before the city.

Wagota has been informed of the steps to maintain the mural.

Paints were also donated to Joseph via local paint stores, to help him get started with the project.

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