Added moisture drives insect population up

More than likely you have been seeing more insects and other creepy-crawlers lately.

Reliable Pest Solutions says they have been receiving a lot of calls about mosquitoes, beetles, gnats and even spiders.

"Spiders are primarily the predator species of the insect world so what you are seeing is, if you see an increase in any prey, you are going to see an increase in predator," Dave Hirner, Marketing and Sales Director of Reliable Pest Solutions, said.

Hirner says this time of year is ideal for the insect world.

Standing water and warm temperatures make the insect population go up.

"When you can reduce the amount of other insects in your home you will significantly reduce the amount of spiders you have as well," Hirner said.

You can reduce those pests by doing a little outside maintenance.

"Trim your shrubs and your bushes and any of the plants you have around your home so they are not touching the foundation of the home otherwise it just gives them a race track to come into your house," Hirner explained.

Hirner also says suggest getting rid of water.

"Standing water in your backyard, if you have bird baths, if you have old tires, if you have gutters that you haven't cleaned in a long time that creates standing water, a natural environment for mosquitoes to breed and go through all stages of their life cycle," Hirner said.

He says again if you just do some cleaning it will get rid of some of those creepy-crawlers.