Adams Telephone Coop provides fiber optic

I t doesn't look spectacular, but for Adams Telephone Cooperative CEO Jim Broemmer he sees a multi million dollar investment that will benefit hundreds of customers of Adams Telephone. Customers from Augusta to Mendon, from Plymouth to Chambersburg, they will all have the ability to tie into the newly constructed fiber optic network.

" The cooperative made an investment in the infrastructure 45 years ago and now we're doing it again today. We want to make sure that we can provide for the needs of our members ," said Jim Broemmer, the CEO of Adams Telephone Cooperative.

One of those customers who is already taking advantage of the fiber optic network is Mike Fleetwood. Fleetwood works out of his home and was one of the first customers in Mendon to get hooked up to the network. He says if he didn't have access to the fiber optic, he wouldn't be able to be a part of this company.

" I wouldn't have been able to work from my home without the fiber optic internet hook up. I would have had to go find a building and go that route instead of being able to do this right here out of my house ," said Fleetwood.

Broemmer says technology is ever changing and just like the cooperative did back in the 1950's with phone service and investing in that infrastructure, the co-op is investing in this new technology and infrastructure to make sure they stay relevant and become not just a phone company, but a connection company that provides services their members want .