Adams County United Way can help you file your taxes


Adams County United Way

has helped people file their taxes for about seven years through their VITA program. VITA stands for â??volunteer income tax assistanceâ??. The program is funded by grants from the IRS.

"From looking at people's last years return, I can tell you we saved them a lot of money some of the people who have come in here have paid up to $500 for last year's return" Joe Sutcliffe, VITA Volunteer, said.

The VITA program provides the service free of charge for families and individuals with an income up to $50,000.

The program coordinator says they are just trying to make this time of year less stressful.

"Everybody that comes through the door is happy, its just a big burden off their chest, they didn't have to spend any money to get something everybody dreads done, so yeah we've have nothing but great reviews, a lot of return clients," Alicia Shuck, VITA Coordinator, said.

Like the Moss brothers.

David has been helping his younger brother Rodger use the free service for the past three years.

"In Rodger's situation and many people that are from CRC or Transitions or have a similar situation that need help some of them can't even read their paperwork, some of them can't even read the rules or regulations for as far as that goes I can barely understand them myself," David Moss, tax filer, said.

Filing taxes can be tricky says one VITA volunteer.

"The chances of making a mistake are pretty great, the income tax is so complicated,its unreal, so its best to get a professional," Sutcliffe said.

The United Way hopes it can help even more people this tax season and wants everyone to use the program if they can.

Last year, they helped more than 700 people file their taxes and helped them get back a combined refund of 1.2 million dollars.

The last day to file your taxes is Tuesday, April 15, 2014.

If you believe you qualify for the free service you can call the Adams County United Way at 217-222-5020 to schedule an appointment.