Adams County site lets you peek at restaurant inspection docs

The Adams County Health Department is now posting food service inspection reports online.

You may have given your favorite restaurant a high rating but you might want to get a look at what the Adams County Health Department has to say.

Now you can from the covenience of your living room sofa. The Health Department now posts food service inspection reports in a searchable online database.

The Department has had increased interest in the reports over the past few years, its website said.

Rex Pflantz, environmental sanitarian with the Adams County Health Department, said the database will help give a larger context to what the scores actually mean.

"They felt that it would give a more positive view of their facility, rather than just a simple line that said only if a restaurant had a critical or non-critical violation,"

This information has always been available to the public through the Freedom of Information Act, but the department decided to post the reports on the web for easier access.

Click here, to view the online inspections.