Adams County farmer compares drought of 2012 to drought of 83

If you went outside on Friday
, you probably felt and saw what is the beginning of a weekend of rain, rain and more rain, all thanks to what's left of Hurricane Isaac.


any farmer's say they don't mind the rain, but they say they sure could have used it several weeks ago.

One of those farmer's is
Doug Duncan. He has been farming now for the last 30 years and he remembers all to well what it was like back in 1983, when rain wasn't anywhere in sight and farm fields turned brown early in the summer all because of the prolonged drought.


n my recollection, it was it seems hotter to me this year and drier then what it was in 83, our hybrids are better to handle the heat and drought better. But still it hasn't been any fun this year either," Duncan said.

On Friday morning, D

uncan, his dad and his son were all busy trying to beat the rain that was headed to the Tri State area. Duncan said he doesn't mind this rain, because it will help the soybean fields. But he says he doesn't want to see it come down in buckets, because all it will do then is run off and not soak into the ground.


t would be great if it came easy and would soak in. We don't nee any wind though," Duncan said.

Duncan said
this rain will obviously help the farm ponds and creeks. He says there isn't much they can do, but just watch and hope and look forward to next year, hoping 2013 isn't a repeat of 2012.