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      Adams County Fair known for competitive horse shows

      The Adams County Fair begins with the horse shows.

      Hundreds of people from around the Tri-States will be competing in the races, hurdles, barrels and even roping.

      The Adams County Fair horse shows are ranked second in the state behind the Illinois State Fair.

      Local kids prepare all year for the competition that will last six days.

      "To peak their interest we have clinics throughout the year, Diane has an indoor arena so we do that in the winter time," Sandy Chatten, a superintendent of Adams County 4-H Club, said.

      Club members say their year-long preparation helps them when they compete.

      "It's important to be safe because you never know what you are going to do, you may trust them, but still they may see something that spooks them or something and you always need to be prepared for that," Kayla, a 4-H Club member, said.

      "Trust your horse, and know that you are going to be safe with them and make sure you know the right things to do in case something were to happen," Cara, another 4-H Club member, said.

      Kayla also says even though you may compete alone you are still apart of a team and that makes the fair all the more fun.