Adams County Fair aims to stand out

Tye the Taliger

Unique, special and different are words the Adams County Fair Board want you to use when talking about this year's fair.

This year they have a Family Fun Zone and inside is Woody TMs Menagerie.

Woody TMs is full of exotic animals like Jake a finicky fox who is native to South Africa.

Yogi the bear, not the one who steals picnic baskets, but this one will definitely take some grapes if offered.

And let's not forget Tye the Taliger. He's a mixture of tiger and liger, which is a mix between a lion and a tiger, and is very rare. He's one of two in the United States currently.

His handler says when you combine those three together, it gets interesting.

"When you walk into the trailer, got him going, got the taliger going and then you get the fox all going at the same time and its one of those Calgon moments sometimes," Karen Woody, owner of Woody TMs Menagerie, said.

In addition to unique exhibits, there is also unique food.

"At the Adams County fair we really try to make things a little different and that even means our food, and one of the big favorites here at the Adams County Fair is this guy over here he owns Spuds and we have hot wings as well this year," Melissa Shriver-Hackamack, an Adams County Fair Board Member, said.

Hot wings are not normal fair food but Spuds Wings and Things are back by popular demand.

"Sometimes we like to watch people's expressions, we have a special seasoning that we put on them and alot of times people don't know that until they bite into it and then their eyes bug out and they go what do you put on here, and so we can't tell them," Demond Dade, one of the owners of Spuds, Wings & Things, said.

With exotic animals from all over the world and hard-to-find fair food ... the Adams County Fair definitely stand outs.

Athough rain saturated Adams County Friday afternoon, Bull Riding will be running as scheduled at the fair. The action kicks off at 7:30 p.m. so don't miss it!