Adams County Board not in favor of 70 year upgrade schedule for lock and dams

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Tuesday night the Adams County Board threw its support behind a resolution that deals with the care of the lock and dam system.

Last month the board asked for a resolution to be drafted to address concerns about a Army Corps of Engineers report that pushed back maintenance and upgrades on the locks and dams to 2090.

That resolution was passed Tuesday night.

Great River Economic Development Foundation

President Marcel Wagner attended the meeting.

He says that the board's support is the first step in trying to reverse the Corps of Engineers timetable.

"Now we can go out and talk to not only the counties on the Illinois side but also the counties represented in the Tri-State summit to get their support to keep the pressure on to make sure that our locks and dams are upgraded, improved and well maintained," Wagner said.

Wagner says that it is impossible to overestimate the importance of a working and well maintained lock and dam system to the economy of the Tri-States.

The County Board also voted to support a resolution to allow the

Two Rivers Regional Council of Public Officials

and the United Way of Adams County to investigate creating a rural bussing system with the help of the Rural Transit Assistance Center at WIU.

The boards approval clears the way for a committee to be created to investigate the possibility of creating that system.

Board member Lyle Nichols, whose had experience with this sort of issue in the past, voted against that resolution.

"When they develop these plans and then get the 5311 funding, that is very expensive for the taxpayers," Nichols said. "In Adams County we are lucky because we have several agencies and nursing homes and other folks, and even the Quincy Transit lines that can transport people. And I don't think its needed here."

The board also approved the appointment of Cindy Brink to the Public Aid Grievance committee.

She also currently serves as the Quincy township supervisor.