Adams County Board approves Sheriff's Department ordinances


Adams County Board

approved a group of ordinances that will give the

Adams County Sheriff's Department

an extra option for certain violations.

Four charges including disorderly conduct, possession of cannabis, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession or consumption of alcohol were covered by these ordinances.

Right now deputies have only two options available to them.

They can either file a state charge or give offenders a verbal warning.

Adams County Sheriff Brent Fischer says this approval gives his deputies another option when it comes to filing charges in these cases.

"This would add a simple minor violation, or ordinance violation which mainly the penalty would be like a fine," he said. "And then that's what they, as they would plead guilty, would pay the fine and that would be their charge."

Adams County States Attorney Jon Barnard told the Board similar ordinances are already in place for the

Quincy Police Department