Adams County Board approves hog confinement resolution

Illinois Department of Ag listens to Adams County residents concerned about proposed hog confinement. Photo taken March 5, 2013.

A proposed hog confinement is back in the hands of the Illinois Department of Agriculture.

Tuesday night, the

Adams County Board

approved a non-binding resolution to move forward with the project.

Adams County farmer Daron Duke and his partner want to build a facility that could go up here almost 2 miles southwest of Lima.

It would house about 4,900 hogs.

Board chairman Les Post said Tuesday's vote merely means that the board believes the owners have met the site criteria as required by state law.

He said it doesn't mean that the board thinks the hog confinement should be built.

Fourteen board members voted in favor of the resolution, give voted against it while two board members were absent.

The Illinois Department of Agriculture now has to make a decision about whether to grant the permit request.