Adair County Sheriff's Office warns of ad scam

The Adair County Sheriff's Office is warning of a scam that involves people placing legitimate ads in specialty magazines and being scammed as a result.

Destiny McKeiver with our sister station KTVO in Kirksville, reports that innocent people are placing ads in magazines for old farm equipment and collectables requesting unique things as part of their hobbies. Scammers are then contacting these individuals, suggesting they send money grams for the scammers to pay for shipping the desired items.

Here are a few tips that may protect you from being a victim:

- Check feedback ratings and length of membership in marketplace.

- Keep records of all phone calls made.

- Insist on insurance and tracking.

The sheriff's office encourages the community to research all sellers via Internet. They are also saying, "Be careful who you provide personal information to."

If you have come across this scam, please contact the Adair County Sheriff's Office at 660-665-4644 or your own local authorities.