Above average week ahead in weather may spell trouble.

As the local roller coaster of weather conditions continues, we look ahead towards next week with more of the same expected.

The Climate Prediction Center, a branch of NOAA, has released their outlook for the next six to ten days. The outlook has two parts, the precipitation outlook and the temperature outlook for the period of January 23 to January 28th.

A majority of the country is looking at above "average" temperatures for the entire period with the highest spikes expected right here in the Midwest.

In the way of moisture, the outlook is almost the same, with a pocket of above average precipitation expected right here in the Tri-States and into the Ohio Valley.

While we will take the much needed precipitation, what would normally be good news in above average temperatures may cause some problems when paired with above average moisture. If our temperatures are in the "normal or average" range then we would be looking at a snowy week ahead, but with above average temps we have to ask ourselves if it will be rain, snow or that dreaded freezing rain.

In the days ahead I will look at the monthly outlook for into February and our current drought index as we head into what should be, the heart of winter.

If you could choose, would you prefer above average temps or get back to a more wintry feel? Post your thoughts below or on our Facebook page ... we love to hear from you guys!