A week of records both past and present

The transition week between January and February here in the Tri-State area is one that is full of records, both past and present.

This year, we have enjoyed a forecast of above average temperatures including a record 64 degrees on Monday, January 30, 2012.

One year ago we saw record snow fall in this time period, but that's a story for later this week.

In this story, I want to take you back to 1982.

The St. Louis "Blizzard" of January 30-31, 1982 was one for the record books in Midwest weather history. Over the two day period, the region from Lake of the Ozarks to St. Louis, Missouri and into Central Illinois saw anywhere from 16 to over 25 inches of wind driven snowfall.

As many as 4,000 motorist were stranded on the major highways of St.Louis due to the conditions that paralyzed the area. There are stories of regions of St.Louis that were unreachable for days and many street workers having to work three straight shifts because their co-workers could not even get in to operate the plow.

Prior to 1982 the worst snow storm for St. Louis dated back to February 20, 1912 with just over 15 inches of snowfall reported.

Later this week I will take a look back at the Tri-State blizzard of 2011.

Thanks to the National Weather Service office in St.Louis Missouri for contributing content to this story,

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