A treatment that can make you look younger in minutes?

NuFace uses microcurrent technology to lift and tighten the muscles in the face / file photo

Have you ever wished you could get rid of those extra lines and wrinkles?

We heard about a new treatment on the market called NuFace.

It's taking the beauty world by storm.

KHQA's Melissa Shriver visited Riverside Dermatology in Hannibal to show you what it's all about and if it really works.

The key to looking younger, longer may just be in a little device.

It's called NuFace and it uses microcurrent technology to lift and tighten the muscles in your face. Dermatologist Linda Cooke says in Hollywood it's called the billion dollar brow lift ... with celebrities getting it right before a trip down the red carpet.

Dr. Cooke said, "Because the results are instant. After one treatment the results will last about three days. With continuous use it's a cummulative effect because you get more collagen back in your face."

So are results really instant? We put it to the test, taking KHQA's Mara Clingingsmith to Riverside Dermatology for a treatment.

Here's how it works. First you put the conductivity gel on the areas of the face you want results. Then the device is applied to the skin ... administering low currents of electricity to the muscles underneath.

"Does it hurt??"

Not at all.

Dr. Cooke says it's essentially Pilates for your face. Microcurrents stimulate the muscles to contract, just like your muscles do when you exercise.

"When you tone your muscles and your skin looks better underneath . The microcurrent stimulates your muscle tone and that results in tighter skin. It stimulates and tones the facial muscles resulting in raised brows, a smoother forehead and tightening of your cheeks and jaw lines."

When we checked back in with our patient ... the results were instant.

The cool thing about NuFace is you don't necessarily have to come in for treatments to get the same results. You can actually buy your own device and give yourself a brow lift while you're watching tv or surfing the internet.

Dr. Cooke says when you use it regularly you can expect even better results. In fact increasing the collagen in your skin by up to 45 percent.

NuFace is the first-ever FDA approved device for facial muscle stimulation toning and tightening.

Each treatment is normally only five minutes long.

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