A taste of Herford, Germany

Quincy residents got a taste of German culture Saturday in the form of authentic German food.

A chef and restaurant owner from Quincy's sister city of Herford, Germany made a visit.

He prepared a German meal as a fundraiser dinner at the Western Catholic Union Building.

The traditional menu included potato soup, salad with potato and bacon dressing, potato cakes, braised beef, and desert.

Proceeds from the dinner go to Quincy's Sister City Commission.

The commission helps support student exchanges between Quincy and its sister city.

"I think it's really important, this relationship, because of young boys and girls can come over to Europe and study abroad, or play football, and do whatever they want and the same with our students," C hef Marc Hoehne said.

Hoehne was here for a week long visit. In additional to preparing the fundraiser meal he visited culinary and German language courses at local schools.