A sip of wine and a ray of sunshine

The goal is to educate people on Illinois wines

A glass of wine and a day in the sunshine. That is how more than a thousand people enjoyed their Sunday.

The Great River Grape Escape lets you slip down by the river, to get a taste of what some Illinois wineries have been up to.

Twelve different wineries participated in the event. For a $10 cover, you received a glass with five tasting tickets. This gave you the option to have a taste of different wines.

Once you decided which wine was just right, you could support the local winery and purchase a bottle.

Organizers of the event think this is a great way to show off the award winning wines that come from no further than the area.

"The goal is to educate people on Illinois wine and that Illinois can make and will make great wines. Not only California and Australia can make wine. Illinois can do it also," co-organizer Gordon Cantrell said.

The event concluded in Clat Adams Park Sunday afternoon.

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