A sign of the times in Quincy's city limits

You might see more electronic signs pop up in Quincy's residential neighborhoods in the near future.

The Quincy City Council adopted an ordinance Monday night that amends the city's zoning code to allow electronic signs in residential neighborhoods.

There are restrictions though.

Only public institutions such as churches, parks and schools would be able to install the signs.

City planner Chuck Bevelheimer says the city came up with eight conditions that a public institution would have to follow.

"The hours of operation-- the sign can only be lit from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m.," Bevelheimer said. "The background has to be dark. Only letters would be lit. Issues like that. Timing devices, so that the brightness would be dimmed during night hours and then could be bright during daylight hours."

The city council also approved the lease of the airport restaurant facility to Pamela Root who plans to serve homestyle food.

"I hope to have this available for the passengers and people in the City of Quincy and surrounding area," she said. "I hope to bring special events to Quincy on the weekends. I hope to make it a lot of fun."

The restaurant, which will be called Mane Runway, is expected to open for business in May.