A rural school district will become a part of history

After the 2011-2012 school year, the Revere Missouri C-3 school district will become a part of history.

T he district has been educating students since 1924, but a recent vote at the polls by taxpayers will see the district dissolve and have the students attending the Clark County R-1 School District next year.

You can take a drive along Highway C in Northeastern Clark County and you'll see one of the smallest school districts in the state.

"Where we go from here, we still have a job to do. I mean our teachers have a job to do, we knew that coming into yesterday. We held our heads up, our kids need a quality education and we're going to keep giving it to them until the end of the school year," Ryan Horner who is the superintendent, principal and math teacher of the district said.

Horner said this year there are 17 students who are currently enrolled in class. The high school students who would go to Revere already attend Clark County, so he hopes the transition will be as smooth as possible.

"And instead of just taking our 8th graders over to Clark County for orientation to the high school, we'll probably have to take our other kids over and make sure they're oriented to what school they'll be going to in Clark," Horner said.

The official annexation will take affect on July 1, 2012. At that time all of the buildings, property and financials that were under the control of Revere C-3, will be shifted over to the Clark County School District.

As for the teachers and staff, they will officially be looking for a new job, since the Revere C-3 school district will be no more.

Clark County School Superintendent Ritchie Kracht said he knows the district will have to add at least one bus route to accommodate the new students.

But he said after next week's Clark County School Board Meeting, more details will be known about what to expect for the upcoming school year.