A Reeves Tale: The story of a unique father/son bond forged through boxing


Thirteen year old Donnie Reeves admits he was extra nervous for Fight Night last Saturday at the Admiral Koontz Armory....

But the talented Hannibal natives butterflies weren't so much about his scheduled bout...but the one immediately after...featuring a certain 45 year old fighter, on the comeback trail, who bears the same last name....


Donnie Reeves: "When my Dad was in the ring, because I was really hoping him to win and put on a good show. He was facing someone really young and I didn't know what was going to happen so it was really exciting to watch my Dad fight."

Going into Saturday Night, all Andy Reeves really wanted was a chance to see his name on the same fight card as his promising young son. But mere moments after celebrating Donnie's win, the elder Reeves stepped into the ring and something very special happened: Andy put on a display of his own.

Donnie Reeves: "I was thinking he was going to put the guy out. They were exchanging blows and he hit him pretty hard so I was really excited. I mean when that first knockdown came, that's what set it off."

The first knockdown, however, didn't take and Andy's opponent Rory Moree answered his own standing eight count by returning the favor. And yet, as if on script, Andy Reeves pulled himself off the mat, fought his way to a score card decision, and gave the night a storybook ending Andy himself did not see coming...

Andy Reeves: "I wasn't really expecting to win, fighting a younger guy but it really made it nice."

Donnie Reeves: "That was really awesome. I didn't think we were both going to go out and win. I mean, I had that sense that we were, but it was more of an experience to do it like that, than for one of us to lose."

Andy Reeves: "Felt good. I enjoyed myself. I didn't feel like I got tired. And I think the momentum of the family and friends out there watching really kept me going..."

More so from and for one fan in particular: the young man who learned a little something about what it takes to be a victor, in the ring and beyond, from an older reflection of himself.

Donnie Reeves on what he learned: "Don't give up. No matter how old you are, you always get a second chance."

Andy Reeves on if he felt he inspired Donnie with his efforts: "I believe it was. I think it gave him something to look forward to."

Donnie Reeves: "I definitely want to pursue this further. Like, I want to go Pro some day. I mean, this is one of my "when I grow up" things. I really want to do this when I get older."

Andy Reeves: "He's got a lot more skill than I have. So he will go a lot further than what I ever would that's for sure."

But lets not close the book on Andy's boxing career just yet...

Andy Reeves on whether Saturdays' fight was his swan song: "I don't know. I had a lot of people ask me. I'm not for sure. I am going to keep training and if something comes up, you just never know..."