A raise in Missouri minimum wage in 2014

Missouri is one of thirteen states that raised minimum wage for the new year.

It is one of many laws which went into effect Wednesday.

KHQA's Allyson Brown took a look at how this change will affect local businesses.

"We haven't had an increase for several years, we do have one this year at $7.50," McKenzie Disselhorst with the Hannibal Area Chamber of Commerce said.

That is an increase of fifteen cents.

The Hannibal Area Chamber of Commerce says it will not affect local businesses.

"But many of the businesses we spoke to are already paying above minimum wage for their entry level positions so this really isn't going to impact them," Disselhorst said.

A local restaurant owner agrees. She also says a raise for one, means a raise for all.

"And the thing about minimum wage, when minimum wage goes up, it isn't just the minimum wage worker that their salary goes up, everyone's salary goes up, otherwise you are not going to keep morale up," the owner of the Rustic Oak Grill and Pub Melissa Hamilton said.

The increase will affect restaurants and retail stores more than any other industry.

Not only will the workers notice, but so will the consumers.

"Yeah, they'll, I mean they'll notice a little bit, but it's going to be all the way across the board, it's not going to be just here, it's going to be everywhere, it's going to be all your different type of restaurants," Hamilton said.

But she also says you won't feel that change for awhile.

The federal minimum wage is $7.25, it has not been increased since 2009.