A quick history lesson during school wide Vet's Day program

A shoe salesman from Emporia Kansas helped changed Armistice Day to Veterans Day in the United States back
in the 1950's.

That was just one of the topics that was talked about
at Illini West High School's school-wide veterans day program.


day's event was a history lesson combined with honoring veterans of past and present.

It was a

day of tributes, remembering history and honoring military veterans is what showcased today's Veteran's Day program at Illini West High School.

Veterans from World War Two all the way up to young men who are currently enlisted were all part of the ceremony.

John Gittings is from Hancock County and served 28 years in the U.S. Army. He has retired from the service after reaching the rank of Command Sergeant Major.


When you sit and humbly experience some of those great Americans who served before you, I'm a volunteer force. A lot of these gentlemen here were drafted and they cowboyed up and did what our nation asked them to do," said Gittings.

One of the veterans that was on hand at the assembly
and who served under General Patton during World War II was Pete Steward.


h it was a dandy, I really enjoy those kind of programs. And Veterans Day I always attend it at the courthouse, the courthouse yard," said Steward.

Gooding said that almost everyone understands what Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving are about. But he wanted to make sure his students knew what Veteran's Day is all about. And one of the students that has taken it a step further is IWHS senior Mason Roth.


Well it was something that not very many people do and at that time I was looking for something more to do with my life. So I wanted something that was unique and important and bigger then myself. So I enlisted in the National Guard," said Roth.