A new round of gym memberships for the New Year

The New Year is bound to bring a new round of resolutions.

Getting in shape always seems to top the list for many. It was evident at the Kroc Center in Quincy Tuesday afternoon as crowds packed into the gym.

"There's definitely a lot more cars in the parking lot. Usually, people start coming in the end of the year and the beginning of the year. You see it kind of die off toward the summer. But definitely a big change in how many people are coming now," Stephanie Wagner, a regular at the Kroc Center said.

Even during the Kroc Center's slowest time of the day, the gym continues to run in overdrive.

"You always have people coming in and trying to get fit for the new year. Not only that, but a lot of kids are still on vacation from school and families in town. So, we have a lot of families coming in to swim and use the pool," Garrett Gammons, the welcome desk supervisor said.

While some may be looking to cool off, others are looking for that extra push.

"A lot of people ask about personal trainers," Gammons said.

"The treadmills are very popular and then most of the machines down here are popular, too," Wagner said.

Gammons says the new year also brings new memberships.

"We've had a lot of new faces coming into the Kroc Center, so it's a great thing. We continue to grow every day," Gammons said.

It can be overwhelming at times for regulars like Wagner.

"Some things can be frustrating, but you understand people want to come and get in shape," Wagner said.

Wagner looks forward to warmer weather which should free up that extra space at the gym.