A new perspective of Ralls County history

One Tri-State community is getting the chance to explore its history, as recorded by individuals and families.

For more than a year, the Ralls County Historical Society has been putting together an updated history book for the area.

"As time goes by we lose the people in our family who have this information. So, it's important that we document this so we have it for our children and our grandchildren," Janet Golian who sits on the Board of Directors for the historical society said.

The Ralls County Historical Society has been working to make sure that the county's history is not lost. This history book will be an update to the book by written by Goldina Howard in 1980. Howard spent most of her adult life studying and recording information for her book "Ralls County."

"Since that time 32 years ago we have found a lot more information on some of the villages and towns around here," Ron Leake, president of the historical society said.

The updated history will include personal accounts and histories of area families, churches and schools. The more pre-orders the historical society receives for the book, the more content the publisher can add to the book.

The history of Ralls County extends further than its current borders.

"One thing a lot of people don't realize one time Ralls County was all of Northeast Missouri. It went all the way up the Iowa border and down," Leake said.

That expansive border housed some famous names.

"Daniel Boone and David Coulter were both stationed here during the war of 1812," Leake explained.

And of course, the Historical Society is also keeping track of the more common names.

"If you have any family members who went to school here, we have a file with notes and anything pertaining to the local schools here," Leake said.

Everyone who wants their name in the Ralls County and Family History Book will see it there.

The deadline to submit material for the book is May 15, but that may be extended due to the high volume of submissions.