A new luxury in Industry: Buying beer on a Sunday

Suzie Q's in Industry sees a consistent number of people coming in for alcohol on Sundays.

It's a first for McDonough County...the sale of packaged alcohol on Sundays.

But you'll only find it in one store in the small town of Industry.

"Some people come in and they don't know we sell alcohol and when they do, they're pretty excited," Amy Lacy, the store manager at Suzy-Q's Convenience Store said.

"I can drive three blocks, come up town, buy a twelve, six pack of beer and come home," Jerry Martin, an Industry resident said. "Usually, you'd have to buy it somewhere else on Saturday."

For many of McDonough County's residents, that would mean a 15 to 20 minute drive to Rushville or Fulton County.

"If you forgot, you just didn't have any beer on Sunday," Martin laughed.

"Back in the day, Table Grove was always the place. There was a little gas station there that sold beer and stuff, I mean, if you were desperate. I don't know if I always made the trek on Sunday. But that was what people had to do to get alcohol on Sundays," Holly McBride, the store cashier said.

Now, it's a quick drive to Industry, to its one and only convenience store, Suzy-Q's Phillips 66, at 104 West Main St.

"Ever since we started selling it, we've seen pretty busy on Sundays. We've increased our sales. People have liked it. It's more convenient for them. People don't have to go out of town to buy their alcohol," Lacy said.

The village ordinance took effect Nov. 11, and has since created a rush to Industry.

"Our beer sales on Sunday alone range anywhere from $400 to $600. That's just a Sunday," Lacy said.

Those sales can compete with just about any other day of the week.

You can buy alcohol from Suzy-Q's on Sundays from noon to 9 p.m.