A new life for the old Dick Brothers Brewery

An aerial view of the brewery

The old Dick Brothers Brewery will soon become a fine arts district.

A Quincy couple bought the old Brew House, at 905 York St., and has worked to get it up and running as an art gallery by June. Chris and Liz Solaro say their future plans will include living areas, art studios, shops and possibly a restaurant.

"I've had a lot of people all very excited. They're just watching me. They keep thinking everybody has a vision, everybody has the desire for this to happen. But you have to be very tenacious and continue to work. You can't flag," Liz Solaro said.

The idea of a micro brewery within the district has been brought up, but that will take another person's interest and effort.

"We would love to see a micro brewery come into this district, because it would be perfect for a brewery district to have a micro brewery in it," Solaro said.

The Solaro's have already booked ten artists from around the country who will showcase their work at the Gallery Solaro's grand opening on June 23. That's the same weekend of the Midsummer Arts Faire in Quincy.

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