A new danger to dogs?

The food was found in the Parque Centenario canil (Buenos Aires.) / Courtesy of

It's easy to find danger to your pets around any corner, but here's a new one on us.

We've recently noticed online rumors about evildoers putting nails in cheese and leaving the bait where unsuspecting dogs might find it.

This has not occurred locally, however, we thought we would put the story out there so puppy parents would stay informed. tells us that social networking sites like Tumblr and Facebook have pointed to a trend at dog parks abroad ... in locations where dogs may easily come across the possibly disastrous treat.

The only report we could find was in Buenos Aires by .

Although the story is in Spanish, in essence, the story says that a local pet adoption center there was warning pet owners to be on the lookout. One pet owner remarked that they weren't paying much attention until they tread on a piece of cheese and realized that there was a nail in it.

It is possible that a sharp object like a nail could pass through a dogs digestive system, but dog owners can help the process by giving their dog a few slices of bread. Unfortunately, sharp objects can also cause damage such as a perforated bowel, so you should always call the vet if you suspect your dog has eaten a non-food item.

Are you outraged someone would do this? Has your pet ever eaten something like this and been rushed to the vet? Share your stories below or on our Facebook page here.