A new and safe after school activity

Around 300 people worked on the project.

The safety of your child is important, so maybe the addition of a nearby playground can put you more at ease.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois teamed up with an organization called KaBOOM to bring a closer playground to a neighborhood in need of it.

Jefferson Youth Center is a place where kids can go for safe after school activities. A new activity is now on its list. It involves a whole new playground.

"There is no playground that easily accessible for them without crossing Gardner Expressway or having somewhere else to go that's safe," Chasidy Rees, the fiscal consultant with Quincy Area Projects said.

Around 300 people worked on the project, which including assembling each piece of the playground, and pouring concrete.

There was no age limit for the helpers.

Many of the kids who helped say it's important to provide this safe area for the neighborhood.

"So kids can have fun," Wyatt Jones said.

"Not a lot of kids came around here that often. But now that we built this playground. It will be a lot better. More kids," Brennen Marshall said.

The project cost $90,000.

It was paid for through a grant that the Quincy Area Projects group matched ten percent of.

The other 90 percent was taken care of by Blue Cross Blue Shield and KaBOOM.

Therefore, the kids all wanted to say, "Thank you KaBOOM and Blue Cross Blue Shield for helping us get our park."

They finished the project in five and a half hours.

The park will be officially opened and ready for activity Tuesday afternoon.