A message of hope for wounded warriors

Professional angler Clay Dyer talks with Mike Havermale about the Fishing for Freedom event.

A professional fisherman came all the way from Alabama for the 13th annual Fishing for Freedom event to relay his message of hope to wounded warriors.

Clay Dyer is a professional angler. He doesn't let anything in life stop him from reaching his goals....especially not the fact that he was born without legs and only half an arm.

"If anything, it just turns the competitive fire up in me that much hotter," Dyer said. "I never let my physical appearance or circumstance define the person I was."

Dyer is from Hamilton, Alabama and is in town for the Fishing For Freedom event.

"Giving something back to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice so that we can live our dream and do what we love to do in life, Dyer" said.

"To say thank you to them," Bob Havermale said.

Bob Havermale is the chairmen of Fishing for Freedom in Quincy.

He says Dyer is an inspiration to the soldiers.

"We got a lot of wounded vets, and what Clay does is bring inspiration to those guys," Havermale said. "There is hope, even though you might have been hurt, there is a lot of hope around.

Havermale says Mother Nature won't stop this event.

Instead of fishing in the river, the soldiers will head out to lakes in Illinois and Missouri.

Dyer has this message for the wounded warriors.

"Life is going to throw you adversity, it's going to put obstacles in your path to try and keep you from getting to where you want to be in life and be successful," he said. "Don't allow the circumstances, the obstacles, the adversity to define the person you are and to keep you from being the person you want to be in life."