A Merry Christmas for Missouri foster children

Program hopes to insure a Merry Christmas for foster children in Northeast Missouri.

Two Hannibal women are leading an effort to improve the quality of life for foster children in northeast Missouri.

They're working on a project that will help celebrate important milestones in the lives of these children.

Christmas is a special time a for kids but especially foster kids who sometimes miss out on celebrating special moments and milestones in their lives.

Jona Ferreira and Carrie Danner want to change that.

They are part of a new non for profit group called Access to Healing and Wellness.

The goal is to create a resource to help foster parents celebrate those milestones.

"So it could be Christmas gifts, prom dresses, clothing throughout the year." Carrie Danner said.

Jona has been a foster mother for several years and says that her family tries to give the kids the best Christmas they can.

"We go above and beyond for the kids," Jona Ferreira said. "We always buy a lot of stuff because some of the kids haven't had that in their lives."

Eventually Carrie and Jona would like to create an independent living program for the more than 175 foster kids in Marion, Ralls and Monroe Counties.

To help them progress and become independent and to be able to transition into the world after foster care." Danner said.

Jona says that being a foster parent, just like a natural parent is all about love.

"They don't want stuff," Ferreira said. "What they want is for you to tell them you love them,hug them,you know show them that they're part of your family and that's what we do at my house. When a kid comes in they're not a foster kid, they're my kid. And they all know it. And they all know that I love them very much."

The auction to benefit Partners for Kids in Care which is a part of the Access to Healing and Wellness program will be on December 13th at the Hannibal American Legion Hall.

Doors will open at 5:30 p.m. and the auction will begin at 6:30 p.m.

There is still time for you to donate. You can contact Carrie Danner at White Oak Counseling in Hannibal for more information.