A LulaBelleâ??s Christmas

Staff and volunteers dish out meal after 700th meal for people around the Hannibal community.

Hundreds of people spent their Christmas morning giving back to the Hannibal community Tuesday.


Restaurant staff and volunteers helped prepare meals for more than 700 of the city's less fortunate.

Owners Mike and Pam Ginsberg began the Christmas tradition in 1991, inviting people into their restaurant for a free dinner. Since then, it's become more of a delivery service with the help of dozens of volunteers.

"There's got to be fifty, sixty, seventy people that have been involved. We have a lot of driving teams, we'd send out a driver and a partner, or two, to help get the food out," Mike Ginsberg said.

"It's just crazy. I mean, they don't even have any places to go left! There's so many volunteers. So, you know, there's people waiting out there, wanting to take food, but there's nowhere left to go. So, that's better than being short of people. Definitely," Jeana Hampton, a volunteer from Hannibal, said.

Ginsberg says the Hannibal Nutrition Center provides LulaBelle's with a list of people they regularly serve through home-delivered meals. The center does not have funds for Christmas meals, so the Ginsbergs step in.

Last year, LulaBelle's delivered 550 dinners and served another 150 in the dining room.