A lot of bull surrounds historic building in Quincy

If you call the building at 1550 Maine Street in Quincy the Women's City Club, the Quincy Park District is asking you to memorize a different name for it.

The official name is the Historic Lorenzo Bull House, which houses the Women's City Club.

The Quincy Park Board approved a $75 per hour rental fee for photographers to take photos inside the building Wednesday night.

Last month, the board set fees to rent out the building for weddings, meetings, wine tastings or other special events.

The park district is in the public comment phase to officially name the park that surrounds the building the Lorenzo Bull Park.

"We're not asking for names of the park," Executive Director Ed Seger said. "We're just asking if someone has a comment about that name. The Quincy Art Center is going to be housed in the Lorenzo Bull Park. The Lorenzo Bull House is in the Lorenzo Bull Park. The Women's City Club meets at the Lorenzo Bull House."

The other Quincy Park Board action Wednesday night, the board also approved a master site plan for Lincoln Park, which surrounds the Quincy Park District office.