A kind gesture at the annual Knights of Columbus Barbecue

The annual Knights of Columbus has been a Quincy tradition since 1927.

The annual Knights of Columbus Barbecue has been a Quincy favorite since 1927.

"Everybody comes here, you come here you're going to see everybody that you know in Quincy basically, its kind of like a class reunion and a family reunion all rolled up into one,â?? Kevin Venvertloh, the barbecue chairman said.

The event always features good food.

"We've got fish tonight, then Saturday and Sunday, chicken on both of those nights, and every night we have roast beef, and barbecue beef sandwiches,â?? Venvertloh said.

The event officially kicked off Friday night, but it was what took place Friday morning, before the gates opened, that got the party started.

The Knights of Columbus opened their grounds early to around 100 adults from Transitions, a non for profit agency here in Quincy that offers mental health and rehabilitation services. The adults were all given $20 in fun bucks as soon as they arrived.

"It enabled them to enjoy the carnival food, play the games, and do everything that anybody else would do at the KofC Barbeque,â?? Transitions Director of Development Barbara Baker Chapin said.

Barker Chapin also added that many of the adults wouldn't have been able to make the busier BBQ atmosphere at night because of their disabilities.

"Most also need some assistance to get out in the community,â?? Barker Chapin said. â??They are absolutely thrilled, they were quite disappointed yesterday with the weather, so we were really glad that the weather cooperated today."

Barbecue Chairman Kevin Venvertloh said it was up to the Knights of Columbus and others to raise donations to make it all possible, and says it was totally worth it.

"It was probably the best thing we've done out here in a while,â?? Venvertloh said.

The Knights of Columbus Barbecue will wrap up on Sunday night.