A kidney donor found in an unusual place

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A Florida woman has found a kidney donor in the most unusual place.

She placed an notice online -- and found a lifesaving match.

A search that began on Craigslist has led Selina Hodge to this Miami operating room. The 28-year-old posted this plea online in July: Looking for someone - anyone - to donate a kidney.

"That's when I turned to Craigslist, because I didn't know where else to turn to," said Hodge

Selina received hundreds of responses. One from just miles away from her Palm Beach Gardens home.

"It just amazes me that somebody would actually lay down their life for a complete stranger," said Hodge.

23-Year old Stephanie Grant was that person who stepped in to help. Doctors say that is a difficult decision to make.

"Living donors are very unique individuals. They are the true heroes in society. They have nothing to gain from the procedure and it's actually a gift of love," said Dr. Linda Chen from Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Before any surgery, prospective donors and recipients must undergo intense psychological and medical testing.

So Selina and Stephanie drove down here together to Jackson Memorial Hospital on the University of Miami Medical Center Campus. They were new friends and they had new hope that this kidney transplant really would happen.

After months of waiting the hospital finally said yes. The women were prepped for surgery.

So first a moment of prayer. Before Selina and Stephanie were wheeled off to the OR. Doctors told Selina's mother that surgery was challenging yet successful. An online plea that's transformed into a life-altering bond. One woman giving a piece of herself to the other.

Hodge and Grant will remain in the hospital for the next several days so doctors can closely monitor their recovery.

So far, the families said, the women are doing fine.

(Information from CNN.)