A healing home

It started with bringing bible study to the Adams County Jail. The Well House developed after volunteers saw how much women needed a place to go when they were released from prison.

"We really, statewide, don't have enough resources. There's so many waiting to get into recovery resources and other places that sadly ... I know there will be women who get out who don't have a place to go," Lee Curtis explained. Curtis has worked hard to continue progress on The Well House

The Well House will be home to up to seven women at once, supervised by a house manager. The women will have dinner together every night and go through recovery counseling.

"Seeing women being helped and really seeing them finding hope and healing coming out of such a difficult circumstance, I feel like that really got me excited and got my heart ready for the work ahead of me," House Manager Holly Whatley said.

A group of volunteers from local churches worked together to raise money to open a Christ-inspired transitional home. The house is geared toward women who want to make major changes in their life after they're released.

"It's a holistic program. We're teaching them job skills, we're teaching them social skills, we're giving them bible study, they'll be involved in addiction recovery programs. There's just so much that we're going to make sure they have a completely different experience in life. Every aspect of their lives will be different," Advisory Board Member Amber McGinnis explained

Volunteers have put years of work into getting the Well House ready to open, but they acknowledge the experience may not always be an easy one.

"I think it would be naïve to not understand that there are going to be challenges and it will be difficult at times," Whatley said.

Curtis understands the difficulty associated with the task at hand as well. "Maybe everyone won't be changed but we will have planted seeds and down the road perhaps those who don't make it the first time will discover for themselves who Jesus is and how much he loves them and that they are valuable and loved," she said.

The house and renovations at the 7th and Broadway home have been fully funded through donations. Monthly pledges will keep the Well House operating once women move in. The group is hosting their annual fundraiser on Friday November 2nd at the Quincy Country Club from 7-9 p.m.