A fast ride, but on the miniature side

RC cars in Mendon

The cars might be smaller, but that doesn't stop RC cars in Mendon from going full speed ahead.

Whether it be on the oval track or the off road track, people come from around the region just to get a race in.

It's a hobby that sucks people in for a life time of thrills and camaraderie.

"I race off road. I started when I was a young boy about the age of eight or nine," Bryan Potts said.

The Dust-Devil RC Park was created six years ago by Rock Weeks and his son. Weeks said this park is a good way to promote a fun hobby.

"There was a local track that closed up. It had been closed up for about a year, so I decided that one day I will come home and I thought it would be fun if we did that. So we did," Weeks said.

James Brassfield has become a force to be reckoned with along the dirt path. He started racing against the adults at a young age.

"He's about 14- or 15-years-old now and he pretty much dominates the track," Weeks said.

"At first it was pretty hard. Over the past couple years, I gained a lot of experience. Like I learn to steer the car a lot better," Brassfield said.

His father Mark sees his time here at the park with his son as quality bonding time.

"It's great for me and my son. We get a good father/son bond. We learn a lot from each other," Mark said.

Whether it be for the race, or for the bonding, people keep coming back week after week.

"A good bunch of guys out here racing toy cars. But it's fun. You got anything generation wise from 8- or 9-year-olds up to 50 to 60," Potts said.

"I can see myself staying here in Quincy and coming up every weekend to race," Brassfield said.

If you have an RC car and are looking for a track, Dust Devil RC Park holds races every Sunday. They race the oval track around 1 p.m., and the off road track around 3 p.m.