A balloon rally for Christina Whittaker

UPDATED: November 14 at 6:22 a.m.

Sunday marked the second year anniversary of a Hannibal woman's disappearance.

Green and pink balloons filled Hannibal's Central Park Sunday afternoon, Christina Whitaker's favorite colors. Her family and friends joined together in strength, hope and prayer around the park's gazebo.

Messages of love and hope were written on pieces of paper by everyone at the event, then rolled up individually inside each balloon. After a few words from Christina's mother and friends of the family, the group let go of the strings.

Whittaker's mother, Cindy Young, believes Christina is alive and in Peoria. It's her wish that she'll come back to her family, especially her little girl, Alexandria.

"I always know she's alive and I know she's going to come back. I put her in God's hands when she went missing and he put it in my heart that she'd be home. I know she's coming home. He just does things in his own time.I don't know when, hopefully it'll be soon," said Young.

Christina Whittaker was last seen at a bar in the 600 block of Broadway in Hannibal back in 2009. Since then, her family and police have chased down many leads trying to find her. If you have any information that could help find Christina, you're asked to contact the Hannibal Police Department: (573) 221-0987, 777 Broadway, Hannibal, Mo.