A Bald Eagle weekend in Keokuk

Bald Eagles have made their way to Keokuk for the winter season and that could mean only one thing, Bald Eagle Appreciation Days.

The two day event came to a close today after a weekend filled with activities.

Attendees were able to see live eagle shows, Native American dancing and wood carving.

They were also able to view eagles outdoors, feeding and roosting along the Mississippi River with trained guides.

The twenty eighth annual weekend was held at the River City Mall and admission was free.

But organizers did want one thing from participants.

"We hope that they go away from here with one thing, an awareness of all wild life and the environment and at the same time have a little fun," said Kirk Brandenberger, executive director of the Keokuk Area Convention and Tourism Bureau.

The Bald Eagle Appreciation weekend brings about five thousand dollars to the Keokuk community every year.

Organizers are already setting up seminars to discuss details for 2013 event.