9-year-old says he's waited 4 years for this election

It was a bitter sweet night for Republicans in Illinois.

Hundreds of people packed into the Holiday Inn in Quincy Tuesday night to cheer on their candidates. Regardless of who won or lost, it was a 9-year-old boy in the crowd who lifted the spirits of many.

"This was my favorite part of today. I've been working up to this for about 4 years and it just seems so important to me," Jamison Reis said.

Jamison may be a student at Berrian Elementary in Quincy, but he can give a speech comparable to today's politicians.

"This is my third election since I was born," Jamison said.

"It's important, that if we want our children to grow up realizing that being able to vote is a privilege, that it comes with responsibilities and that's what we want them to learn," Jill Reis, Jamison's mother said.

Jamison already knows the value of hard work and working for what you believe in. He used that reasoning with his parents as his excuse to stay up late for election night.

"I'm the only kid who gave up my play time to help the candidates," Jamison said.

He even cast his ballot in his school's election.

"It's important for the younger people to get involved and the best way is to get the parents to bring them along," Jill said.