8 foot long Boa found in Quincy

Quincy, Ill.--Quincy residents are breathing a sigh of relief.

The eight foot Boa Constrictor that had been missing for about three weeks has been found. It was found in the yard of this home, in the 700 block of 24th street, only a few houses down from where it escaped. We're told that at least 30 people from the neighborhood stopped by to check out the slithering creature.

Animal control believes the snake hid out in the bushes of this home. The deep imprints in the grass show the path the snake started to take. Witnesses told KHQA that the snake was pretty docile and slow moving. While many are relieved that the snake is long gone, they admit it was a neat site to see in the Tri-States.

"I thought it was cool that they actually found it, because it had been gone so long. We thought it'd be long gone by now. So it's cool that they found it," said neighbor Kaleigh Kuhlman.

Animal Control told KHQA they're not surprised that the snake was found in the same area.

If a snake is longer than six feet, you have to have a permit to keep it. And if it ever escapes, you have to let the police know right away. The owner of this snake did neither, and was ticketed on both issues. We also asked Animal Control if the owner will get his snake back, but they couldn't give us an answer.

KHQA will continue to follow this story, and we'll bring you more tomorrow on KHQA's news at 5, 6 and 10 and