$700,000 must be cut from the school budget for next year

The Keokuk School District is considering making some cuts to the budget for the upcoming 2012-2013 school year, but the cuts won't be as bad as originally thought.

The district already cut about $1.7 million dollars out of the budget last year.

This year only about $700 thousand dollars from next years budget will have to be cut.

Superintendent Dr. Lora Wolff says because the district didn't see as much of a drop in enrollment, they're not having to make the kinds of drastic cuts that they did last year.

"T he board approved a $700,000 and what we'll do as an administrative team is look across the district and then try to determine how we can get to that 700,000 dollar target for our budget modification. Last year, we had one point seven million that we got too. Part of it is due to our budget guarantee from the state, part of it is we cut more then we needed too last year so we can apply that to this year," said Wolff.

She said the district saw 14 retirements last year, but this year only six employees have indicated they plan on retiring at the end of the year.

Wolff says about 82% of the districts overall budget is dedicated to costs associated to personnel.