7 Habits turn students into leaders at Hannibal Middle School

Students share what they've learned in the 7 Habits program with community leaders and parents.

The 7 habits program continues to make positive improvements in schools around the Tri-States.On Tuesday the students and staff of Hannibal Middle School celebrated a year of hard work and growth with a special Leadership Day event.Assistant Principal Whitney Holliday says that since implementing the 7 habits program the school has seen a tremendous change in the students and the school in general." Students are respectful towards one another," Holliday said. " They are able to help each other with their problems. Its just created an amazing place to learn." Sixth grade student Peyton Utterback is one of the student leaders at the school.

She is member of the Buiding Decor team that has put up postive and encouring statements all over the school.

" It just became a big club because the school was kind of not becoming as colorful as it should have been," Utterback said. " So we decided to make it more colorful and make people smile and laugh."Community leaders and parents were invited to celebrate Leadership Day at the school on Tuesday.

The students explained the 7 habits and how they have made a difference in the way the kids treat one another and their teachers.

Retiring Hannibal United Way executive director Lou Lemen attended the event.

Lemen and the United Way were responsible for getting the program into the schools.

She says that the skills the kids are learning today will serve them well througout their lives.

" It's gonna give them the poise and the confidence and the tools that they need to be successful all of their lives," Lemen said. "And their learning it now and that's what's so important. So that they will step forward and they are our future and our leaders in our communities."

Students leaders took the guests on a tour of the building giving them a chance to watch the students put the 7 habits into practice in the classroom.