46 school students retained in Quincy School District

Quincy Public School District holds back 46 students this coming school year.

Forty-six students will be held back this school year in the Quincy Public School District.

Last year only six students were held behind.

Due to stricter Illinois State Standards, educators are now requiring students to master their skills before moving forward.

In order to move forward to the next grade level, students must be less than a year behind in learning.

An elementary academic director says in most cases, students are being held behind because of lack of attendance or not paying attention in class.

"To affect the big picture, we're going to have more students participating in class; they TMre going to be engaged; they TMre going to be excited. We're changing. Education changes all the time, but we're doing a lot more things with technology; we're doing blended learning," QPS Elementary Academic Director, Julie Stratman said.

Four-hundred and fifty-two students attended summer school in the Quincy School District this past year, and from that, forty-six are being retained.

Story by KHQA Multimedia Journalist Lauren Kalil.